Green Energy

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Erecting the solar panelsMany investments in green energy have been made over the past year:

  • In mid-July 2012 a solar panel system was fitted by the friendly & professional team at NGPS Ltd.   This produces electric which is used in house as well as exporting to the grid.
  • In the Autumn of 2012 the main house heating pipes were completely renewed and a mains fed pressurised system put in place, along with the incoming mains pipe too.  My grateful thanks to Trevor Lee for his commitment to this month long task.  Thanks also to neighbour Mike Smeaton for his timely assistance with his digger just before the cold weather started.
  • In February 2013 a solar thermal panel was linked to the new solar cylinder by NGPS.  This heats up the water in summer, with less reliance on the oil boiler.

We hope that these investments will ensure that Long Acre remains a comfortable place to stay for our visitors for many years to come. Many thanks to everyone who has made this possible.

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